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Essential oil cautions

Essential oils have awesome therapeutic value, however they must be used with caution:

  • before using an EO, do a spot test on your skin to check whether there are any allergic or adverse reactions
  • usually EOs should not be used neat, however some people can tolerate certain EOs applied neat, but some can develop skin irritations – it’s safer to dilute with a carrier oil (as a general rule, dilut...
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Indoor air quality could be worse than it is outdoors

We’d like to think that the air inside out homes is cleaner than the air outside, but there is a good chance that it’s not the case…according to the EPA, the air quality in our homes can be on average about 2-5 times worse than outside, and sometimes it can be much more than that.

This is particularly disconcerting when we take into account that most people spend at least 75% of their time indoors...

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Boobs vs bottles

Nature provides us with everything which we need to live.  Nature knows best.  It has billions of years of evolution to back up it’s creations.  Man-made  substitutes don’t measure up to what nature can provide.  Which is why breast milk is the perfect and best food for babies...

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Air purifying house plants

Plants are amazing.  Not only do they provide us with the oxygen which we need to live, and make our surroundings really pretty, but they also actually filter out impurities and toxins from the air.

This was discovered in the 1960’s by Bill Wolverton, an environmental scientist.  His research was eventually sponsored by NASA in their search for ways to clean air in space stations...

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Chemical-free home

What we put into and onto our bodies is important, and so is what we put in our home.  Without realizing it, people are breathing in and coming into contact with probably hundreds of toxic chemicals everyday, just from hanging out at home...

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We are what we put onto our skin

Sure, your skin does act as a barrier…to keep things in and to keep things out.  But your skin is not impermeable and various things do get absorbed and some end up in your bloodstream and so gets moved around to various organs as well.

The absorption of things into the skin becomes something important to think about when you consider the safety of the ingredients present in all the lotions and p...

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Read these safety tips before using essential oils

Lavender is said to be one of the best all-round useful essential oil.


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We are what we eat

Sounds like such a cliché, but it’s true.  The quality of your body and your health can only be as strong as the quality of the food you give it.  A body lacking in a good variety of living nutrients won’t be able to function at it’s full potential, and in fact won’t be able to function very well at all.

It’s no coincidence that the rates of disease are the way they are today, considering the a...

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Baobab powder

Baobab powder is obtained from the fruit of the baobab tree, which is native to Africa.  The fruits are collected only once they fall off the tree, then they are cracked open to retrieve the dried pulp, which is very minimally hand-processed to become the baobab powder that we use...

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Caring for baby naturally

Babies aren’t born with a chemical-laden shampoo in one hand and a box of processed rice cereal in the other hand, ready to face life with those “much-needed” aides at his side…and yet most people don’t think twice about buying your standard baby products found in stores.  The same goes for the often recommended rice cereal as baby’s first food.

New babies are delicate, and nothing but the mildes...

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