Caring for baby naturally

Babies aren’t born with a chemical-laden shampoo in one hand and a box of processed rice cereal in the other hand, ready to face life with those “much-needed” aides at his side…and yet most people don’t think twice about buying your standard baby products found in stores.  The same goes for the often recommended rice cereal as baby’s first food.

New babies are delicate, and nothing but the mildest safest ingredients should be used on them.  Can we look at the ingredients on popular baby products and really call them safe?  Is there really a need to put synthetic ingredients on tiny babies?  Is it a good idea to put so many chemicals on babies?

What’s also disconcerting is that some people, and even doctors, are of the opinion that formula milk is as good as breast milk, but it’s not at all the case.  Breast milk contains many more ingredients than formula and provide baby with many benefits which cannot be obtained from formula.  Read more about it here.

Rice cereal is often suggested as the first solid food to feed a baby, however it is a very processed food item with not much nutritional value.  How can this be better for a baby than freshly prepared fruits, veggies and meats?

An informed parent is in a better position to make choices that will benefit their babies.  Speak to your professional of choice…if you feel uncertain about the info received, get a second or third opinion.  After all, a parent knows their baby better than any other person.  And the internet is your friend as well…google google google.  We need to take more responsibility for the health of our children, they deserve it.

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