Chemical-free home

What we put into and onto our bodies is important, and so is what we put in our home.  Without realizing it, people are breathing in and coming into contact with probably hundreds of toxic chemicals everyday, just from hanging out at home.  These chemicals are present in air fresheners, cleaning liquids, candles, pest control sprays and plug-ins, laundry detergents, hairsprays, furniture polish, wall paint, and even chemical residues on furniture.

Fortunately there are safe alternatives for all our cleaning and air freshener needs.  And they’re all easy enough, and relative cheap, to make at home.  Or for a bit of extra money (which can easily be double or triple the amount), you can buy them ready made from various health stores and online.  Either way, your home will be a much safer and healthier place to hang out in.

You can find some ideas on Naturally Ever After under the Home tab.

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