We are what we eat

Sounds like such a cliché, but it’s true.  The quality of your body and your health can only be as strong as the quality of the food you give it.  A body lacking in a good variety of living nutrients won’t be able to function at it’s full potential, and in fact won’t be able to function very well at all.

It’s no coincidence that the rates of disease are the way they are today, considering the amount of junk nutritionless foods abounding in our stores and homes.  It’s not normal or natural for a species to be so rife with disease…an individual suffering from some or other disease should be the exception, instead, in our times, it is the rule.

Processed foods is probably one of the biggest threats to humanity’s wellbeing.  Not only the way foods are processed after they have been obtained from the farms, but also they way they are processed while they are still growing, eg pesticides, genetic modification, and even in the case of livestock, routine antibiotics and growth hormones.

It’s important that people become aware of what they eat, and take responsibility for what they put into their bodies.  Many people assume that because it is on the shelves, it must be safe and therefor OK to eat it – this couldn’t be further from the truth.  How many people stop to read the ingredient label?  And of those who do, how many actually know what those ingredients mean?

Many times people wonder…why am I ill, why did this happen to me…and I think more often than is realized, the answer is right under their noses, but they have no clue.  Their food choices.

It’s become a matter of convenience as well…people have become accustomed to convenient pre-prepared foods and snacks.  If it’s not laziness, then people claim to have no time to prepare their own meals.  But we need to choose to make time for our health.  Not only will poor health impact the quality of life, but a lot of money will needlessly have to be spent to treat the health issues that arise as a result of poor choices.

You don’t have to “know how to cook”…all you need is a recipe and you’re good to go.  If you can read you can cook.  Homemade meals are more flavourful and nutritious than convenience foods.  There are millions of free recipes online.  Check the ingredients of all the ingredients used in the recipe – if they are dodgy then find an alternative healthier substitute for that ingredient, you can find this info online.  Including here on Naturally Ever After. 🙂

Hope you find something here that can be of use to you.

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