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Boobs vs bottles

Nature provides us with everything which we need to live.  Nature knows best.  It has billions of years of evolution to back up it’s creations.  Man-made  substitutes don’t measure up to what nature can provide.  Which is why breast milk is the perfect and best food for babies...

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Caring for baby naturally

Babies aren’t born with a chemical-laden shampoo in one hand and a box of processed rice cereal in the other hand, ready to face life with those “much-needed” aides at his side…and yet most people don’t think twice about buying your standard baby products found in stores.  The same goes for the often recommended rice cereal as baby’s first food.

New babies are delicate, and nothing but the mildes...

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Easy meals for babies

Here are some ideas for easy meals for babies who are just starting out on solids as well as older babies and toddlers.

While it’s tempting to buy baby porridges and jarred purees, I’m of the opinion that fresh food is always better – they contain more live nutrients.  But making a baby’s first foods doesn’t have to be complicated.

Remember that it’s the parent’s responsibility to be aware of and...

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